Party Wall Notices, Requests & Call upons

The act allows for notices and requests to be served as a legal requirement prior to doing something which shall be served in accordance with Section 15, but notably Section 15 is not enforceably prescriptive.  If you fail to serve notices you can not legally proceed with your works –  SAI Ventures Limited Claimant – and – Compar Properties Limited, 19/08/2016, Case No: C20CL033 – COUNTY COURT AT CENTRAL LONDON :

Section 1 Notices – Line of boundary works

Section 2 Notices/Party Structure Notice (Section 3) – works affecting a Party wall or Party Structure

Section 4 Notice – A counter notice to a Section 2/3 notice

Section 6 Notice – Adjacent Excavations

Section 8 Notice – Rights of entry

Section 10 4 a Request – to appoint a surveyor

Section 10 7 Request – For a Party Wall Surveyor to act effectively

Section 10 11 Call upon – Owners of Surveyors can call upon the Third Surveyor to settle matters

Section 12 2 – Security for expenses

Section 13 2 – Account for work carried out


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