What is a Party Wall

What is a Party Wall? The government has produced a booklet Section 20 of the act interprets “party fence wall” means a wall (not being part of a building) which stands on lands of different owners and is used or constructed to be used for separating such adjoining lands, but does not include a wall… Continue reading What is a Party Wall

Boundary Disputes

Does the Party Wall Act cover Boundary disputes? This post has emerged following a phone call this morning. Facts: Party Fence Wall/Fence in place – no dispute exists.  Notices served, surveyors appointed, award in place, extension built by Building Owner on Party Wall.  A year later Building Owner places fence in line with outer edge… Continue reading Boundary Disputes

Valuation Survey

What is the value of a Residential Dwelling House? It is worth what a person will pay who has full knowledge of; The structure and condition of the property and the cost, if necessary, to bring it into a sound structural condition with modern desirable services, layout and décor. The relationship between supply, demand and… Continue reading Valuation Survey

Pests Survey

Are Bees, pigeons, rodents, insects within or affecting the property?

Fire Survey

Is the property fire safe and compliant with relevant Fire Regulations?

Decoration survey

Blistering, Flaking, peeling, cracking, chalkyness, mould, blackspot, wrinkling, yellowing, rotting, uncovered all are signs which need to be investigated and resolved.