Set dates and methods for serving notices under the Party Wall Act

1 New building on line of junction – Section 1 Notices

1 (2) If a building owner desires to build a party wall or party fence wall on the line of junction he shall, at least one month before he intends the building work to start, serve on any adjoining owner a notice which indicates his desire to build and describes the intended wall.

3   Party structure notices.

3 (a) be served at least two months before the date on which the proposed work will begin;

4   Counter notices.

4  (b) be served within the period of one month beginning with the day on which the party structure notice is served.

6   Adjacent excavation and construction.

6   (5)  In any case where this section applies the building owner shall, at least one month before beginning to excavate, or excavate for and erect a building or structure, serve on the adjoining owner a notice indicating his proposals and stating whether he proposes to underpin or otherwise strengthen or safeguard the foundations of the building or structure of the adjoining owner.

8   Rights of entry.

8   (4)   Notice complies with this subsection if it is served in a period of not less than fourteen days ending with the day of the proposed entry. – but refer to Section 8 in entirety as many rights of entry do not require notices.

12   Security for expenses.

Not limited by the act

The method of Service of notices etc is covered in Section 15

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