the Iteravite methodology collects the following data and from it determines the adequacy of the property:

Property type –  period, new build, MMC, mid war, flat, block, conversion, framed, steel, concrete, timber, cavity, solid, listed

Alterations, Certificates and Permissions – conversions, extensions, structural alterations, bomb damage, home buyers manual, guarentees, projected

Services – electric, gas, boiler and heating, drains, sump pumps, soil drainage pumps

Measurements – plans

Loads, transferance and foundations

Material and defects

Construction and defects

General defects – the following general defects will inform the iterative process:

Cracks, deformations, Movement, subsidence, heave, slipped bricks, out of level and plumb, missing elements, elements which should not be there, excavations, damp, ventilation, Insulation, wet rot, dry rot, insects, rodents, bees, wasps, vegetation, trees, invasive species, deleterious materials, chemical, physical & biological